Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome to our Blog!

So, I'd like to use this blog for sharing ideas and encouragement with our fellow Scentsy Ladies. I realize that most of our Upline and Downline are in different States and I hate feeling so isolated. I hope that you feel like this is a great place to get ideas for upcoming Parties or Shows. I'll post some pictures of Shows I've done in the past and also some different ways I organize my Scentsy Stuff.

I'd also like you to include anything from what you've done too. Any ideas or questions that might help all of us. I've only been sharing Scentsy since March 2008 so I'm pretty new still. However, my consultant ID # is 6783 and the newest recruit under me is #28600! It's only been 1 year since I signed up and almost 22,000 new consultants have signed up to share this product!

You are welcome to post your own message or pictures or questions on this blog. Just email me and I'll tell you where to send it so it will show up here. It will automatically post it to the blog and then send everyone an email of the update info. Pretty cool huh? My email is

If you have any suggestions for me please let me know. I really believe we are all in this together even though we have our own business, it can only benefit and help us grow by sharing!

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