Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day of Dance

Deanna Jones and I did an event called Day of Dance. It was to help promote Women's Heart Health. It was a great 1st event for both of us! I took about 18 warmers and 16 plugin's and like 70 bars. I wish I'd taken more plugins as those sold the most! But I really wanted to show what the warmers looked like. So many people say, "I didn't think they were that BIG!" Luckily I bought 80% of my stock in February at 10% off and sold it at full price. (they do another 10% in August before the new catalog) It was my first event and I was really happy with my turn out. The event was mostly a "get contacts" and hand out free samples so I didn't have high expectations. Thankfully, Deanna came with me and I swear half the people who wanted to buy a plugin walked away with a Perfect Scentsy! (2 warmers and 6 bars) that woman call up sell like crazy:-)

I stressed over my table decorations for a week but it turned out good I think. I got some great contacts out of it and sold enough to break even.

Here's Deanna and I!

My husband made the peg board and the plugin display's for me. They were really simple and if you'd like directions I can email them to you.
I pretty much brought one of each out of the "Collections" warmers with a couple other randoms that I still had from previous WOTM. I also had one of each of the plugin's. The dandy sold out the fastest.


  1. Can you email me the instruction on how to make the plug in display as well as the peg board?


  2. Hi can yuou email me also on how to make the plug in display?? Thanks!!
    I made a plug in display but all i did was push the plug-in, in to the box and put something heavy inside the box so it wont tip over and that was it but i like yours alot more and it looks nicer please please email me thanks my email is
    and my name is amanda thanks!!